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Business Enhancement Through Compliance

How it works

 With years of experience and expertise in the education sector, we provide our clients with the confidence to pursue their goals while remaining compliant at all times. We provide strategic advice grounded in compliant best-practices to ensure educational organisations can focus on delivering quality training.

Step One

We provide a comprehensive analysis and review of the current organisational processes, the strategic direction of the organisation and level of compliance. This step will be achieved through a series of senior managment discussions and through internal and third party audits.

We engage staff at all levels and will keep management informed at all times.

Step Two

We provide a detailed report outlining our findings. The report will consist of the following information:

  • Analysis of the organisational objectives;

  • Strategic advice to meet organisational objectives;

  • Overall compliance level of the organisation;

  • Greatest risks to the organisation;

  • Areas for improvement; and

  • Solutions to address the risks.

Step Three

In consultation with the Senior Management Team, we facilitate the implementation of strategies to meet organisational objectives. We provide on-going training to help enhance your business through compliance.


Our pricing plan is fully customisable and specific to each organisation.


We offer flexible compliance options to suit any need.

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Bronze Package

Compliance email and phone support
Document review
Access to our entire set of forms
Minor document amendment

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Silver Package

Compliance email and phone support
Document review
Minor document amendment
Access to our entire set of forms
1 desk audit conducted each month

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Gold Package

Compliance email and phone support
Document review
Minor document amendment
Use of Quality Management System including policies and procedures, forms and handbooks
1 internal audit conducted each month
1 Extension to Scope Application
An assigned Phoenix Compliance Management consultant to assist in any compliance need you require

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